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Mouse Infestation Remedies: Top 6 Ways to Rid Your Home of Mice

Mouse Infestation Remedies: Top 6 Ways To Rid Your Home Of Mice

Of all the pests that invade homes, mice are among the most common. There may be just one that has made your home his, or may have brought an entire family along. You will find mice hiding in places where they can easily access food, like inside cupboards, along baseboards, in basements and garages.

If there are obvious signs of mouse infestation of your home, you can get rid of mice using any of the following:

Catch & Release Traps

This is an humane way of tackling mouse infestation. The purpose of catch and release traps is to catch the mouse so that you can release it outside, very far away from your home. First you need to seal up all the places where mice could possibly enter your home. After trapping the mouse you’ve got to release it so far from your home that there is very little chance of it returning. There are many different types of catch and release traps on the market, but they’re all basically cages equipped with a trap door.

However, if you like DIY projects, you can easily create your own catch and release trap. All you need is a yardstick, a large trash can with high sides, and a spoonful of peanut butter. Place the trash can next to a table or counter. Place one side of the yardstick on the table or countertop with the other side hanging over the open trash can. Put peanut butter on the end of the part of the yardstick that’s hanging over the trash can. Leave the room for the night.

The mouse will run across the table or the counter onto the yardstick to reach the peanut butter. His weight will cause the yardstick to drop into the trash can, taking him with it. The mouse is now trapped inside the trash can, which allows you to take the can outside to release the mouse.

Peppermint Oil

Mice, along with a lot of other pests, hate the smell of peppermint oil. This makes it an humane approach to dealing with mouse infestation because the smell simply helps keep pests off. So, to get rid of any mice that may have invaded your home, spray a little peppermint oil wherever the mice might be. You can also place cotton balls soaked in the oil along the baseboards and at any entry points if they can’t be sealed up. But you need to be cautious about doing this if you have pets because they could have a bad physical reaction to the oil.

Ultrasonic Mice Repeller Devices

Another humane way to get rid of mice is with an ultrasonic mice repeller devices. These small devices make a high-pitched sound when plugged into an electrical outlet. Most humans can’t hear the sound, but mice can. It is so annoying to them that they will flee your house and others will stay away. Once the mice are gone, you need to seal up all possible entry points.


Cats roaming around your home are a great deterrent. The idea is that most mice will not come near a home with cats and quickly flee once they sense the presence of one. However, the cat might get to the mouse first, killing it. If you plan on adopting one or more cats to clear your home of mice, make sure you are ready to give them all the care, love and attention they need.

Good Old Traditional Mouse Traps

Good old traditional mouse traps have a spring that snaps back, instantly breaking the mouse’s neck. There are also sticky mouse traps as well as electrocution traps. These should be used as a last resort when everything else you’ve tried has failed. Sometimes you have no choice but to kill the mouse, but it’s always best to avoid this if you can.

Call a Pest Control Professional

If you’re hesitant to handle the problem yourself, you can always call a reputable pest control service. Some offer humane removal if requested, but you may have to research this online for someone local.


Mice running around outside are basically harmless, but it’s a different story if they get inside the home. If you are dealing with a mouse infestation, try the suggestions above to see if you can get rid of these pesky little pests called mice once and for all.

David Lewis

David Lewis

What started out as an intention to keep pests away from my home has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. For the majority of common household pests, there are many simple yet effective do-it-yourself pest control methods to help you eliminate and keep them away.

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